Develop mobile and web applications to find points of service and activities in French in New Brunswick and throughout Canada…

…through geolocation of public (municipal, provincial or federal) and private services (restaurants, theatres, businesses, recreational facilities, etc.)…

…and the participation of young Canadians.


An application for experiencing Canada to the fullest in French…

Official languages data are available and can be handled and transformed by engaging young Canadians in the development of mobile applications to meet the need for information on official languages, not only in New Brunswick, but also throughout Canada.

The Government of Canada recently made eight datasets on official languages available on the Treasury Board Secretariat’s Open Data website.

You are invited to consult these data and work on developing mobile and web applications.

Who could use your application?

  • Francophones and Francophiles in Canada
  • Francophone newcomers or newcomers wishing to integrate into the Francophone community
  • Military members, businesspeople and other workers who travel from province to province
  • Anglophones who are learning French or want to discover the Francophone community
  • Francophone tourists

Preamble :

Data available to you :

Répertoire des services GNB – Tourisme_AccesFranco

Répertoire des services GNB – Éducation_AccesFranco

Répertoire des services GNB – Loisir et sport_AccesFranco

Répertoire des services GNB – Collectivité et culture Acces Franco

Francophones Service locations_Hackathon ONLY

La langue maternelle selon les différents niveaux de géographie

La première langue officielle parlée selon les différents niveaux de géographie

Les bureaux de services bilingues du gouvernement du Canada

Les organisations financées par les Programmes d’appui aux langues officielles

Les écoles dans la langue de la minorité de langue officielle au Canada

Les écoles d’immersion en langue seconde au Canada

Le bilinguisme français-anglais selon les différents niveaux de géographie

Banque  de données ouvertes complète du gouvernement du Canada







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